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You and Island: The Isla de Gigantes Island Guide

I Survived My Solo Island Experience, And It Was Worth It! I never knew I could learn to find myself lost in this island which brought me more love in return. It’s all I ever wanted, the unique island (soul searching) experience for P2,995.00! If there was any place...
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Exploring Vietnam: My Indochina Story

At the heart of the city of Ho Chi Minh, there lies the real treasures and gems of conquering the streets of Vietnam. My 48-hour immersion in the city included the many secrets of Vietnam and a trip to retrace back history.

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Exploring Cambodia: My Indochina Story

Temple Chasing in Cambodia? You bet! But did you know there’s more to find and activities to do when in Cambodia. Click the link to find out and get to know my story on whatever happened in Siem Reap.

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Exploring Bangkok: My Indochina Story

Bangkok is my first destination of my Indochina Backpacking journey. My revolves on how it will make you fall in love with Thailand’s treasures.

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The Captain Of My Life

12 ways I got over my 2018 downfall

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My Heart Was Drowning, But Here’s How I Saved It

  I’m going to come clean. Depression is the worst thing that can happen in a person’s life. We start growing up and realize that, all the fairytales & fantasies of falling in love are not all ‘happily ever afters’. The harsh reality ladies and gentlemen, no...
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Miss Kalibutan talks about travel and its purpose. It takes the vernacular of “the world.” A  Filipino-Visayan word, from where I proudly hail.

Now why precisely do I want to talk about an obviously vague topic? Scroll down for more.

We can only tell much about the world. Each comprising of stories to seek and share. Allow me to fill your mind with a journey of the world, that is definitely worth appreciating.