Do you ever imagine what it’s like to take an aerial view of the world from above?

You get the feeling of being high above the clouds, and look down below. How cool is that?

However this entry is not a movie review of Gwyneth Palthrow’s “A View From The Top” but it gave me inspiration to create this as well!

It is by chance that when we board a plane the first thing that most people would want is to get the window seat to get a clearer view of the journey. It could be the city lights, the fluffy clouds, the green pastures over the mountains, the landscape of the city etc. It’s almost like taking a virtual tour of the place, only that you are situated in a seat of a plane while the pilots maneuver over.

There could be multiple reasons why staring out the window is a good idea and probably the best choice.

It is inevitable to get almost perfect shots from a window plane, but if you probably have a good camera it would give you the opportunity to take a quick snap!

Allow me to share photos of our daily ‘office’ view. The display is a collection of images snapped from the different places around my country, the Philippines and also images of different countries we have flown too. You can almost imagine how beautiful the world is from above.

~Some photos may not be good quality or the standard and actual view of the place. These photos were taken with best interest in the most possible way.~

  1. Romblon, Philippines


Most of the landscape of the islands in the Philippines, would pretty much look like this. I guess the city of Romblon has a lot of exploring to do!

2. Boracay Island, Philippines


Can you imagine how that island is voted one of the World’s Best Islands? See here.

3. Kalibo City, Philippines


The aerial view is just fascinating.

4. Taguig City, Philippines


Even at night, the city lights continue to amaze us!

5. Incheon, South Korea


Annyeonghaseyo from above!

6. Russian Aerospace


There is not a clear view of the place, but it iscover 7.jpg an accomplishment that we are passing over Russia.

7. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


I would like to know how Middle East countries keep up with fine landscape structure.

8. Cebu City, Philippines


Cebu will always boast of islands discovered and hidden.

9. Cairns Queensland, Australia


The home of the Great Barrier Reef looks astounding from above, but even better when viewed from below.

10. Bangkok City,  Bangkok


Can you see what I see?

11. Bangkok Airport, Bangkok


Scattered clouds from above will always make as amazing props for every aerial photo

12.Sunset View, Philippines


And after going through a long day, you get calm views like this one. It makes everything serenely emotional

13. Los Angeles, United States of America


14. Dammam, Saudi Arabia


S P A R K L E .

15. Virginia, United States of America


This could probably be a scenery view of the city or the Appalachian Mountains.

16. Los Angeles, United States of America


Pink Skies, totally a breath taker.

17. Vancouver, Canada


The view from above during the winter season, we got a snowy situation here.

18. Metro Manila, Philippines


The capital of the Philippines, will always leave you something to remember or welcome you with an invite to explore more.

19.Cavite City, Philippines


20. New York City, United States of America


Bright lights hit the city that never sleeps!

21. Incheon, South Korea


This is one photo that totally proves that we try our very best to take that shot when opportunity rises, even if our shot reflects.

22. Batangas City, Philippines


Maybe this volcano still wishes from the sea and sky above to help it someone to Lava?

23. Denmark


We don’t fly to this place but boy was it amazing to get a glimpse of it though.

24. Tokyo City, Japan


Don’t you lava this scene?

25. Northern Pacific Ocean


In a bed of clouds, it almost feels like we’re floating.

26. Bulacan City, Philippines


Isn’t it A-maze-ing?

27. Busan, South Korea


City landscapes will always be a check on taking airplane shots.

28. London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Even from above you can almost spot most of the tourist spots of the city.

29. Mindoro City, Philippines


And so my soul leaps over to take the view with the rays of the sun over clouds.

30. Pampanga City, Philippines


31. San Francisco, United States of America


32. Sydney, Australia


33. Xiamen, China


34. Vancouver BC, Canada


Snowy mountains, a landmark of Canada!

It is not definite that we get the chance to see the world in different perspectives, landscapes or by the built brought about the city lights. The World We See is a collective response of the beautiful destinations as shown from above.

Does looking out the airplane window ever tire you? I hope it doesn’t.

Until the next World travelled,

Miss Kalibutan

Photo courtesy of Julio Mallari, Flight Steward Philippine Airlines