Let’s be real…

The biggest struggle of traveling is not only the packing, check-in & ground, baggage concerns etc. but also trying to keep yourself comfortable in flight. A number of people try to surpass the fear of flying and mind you there are numerous ways to handle this stress. As they say ‘the airplane is your home in the sky’.

This article aims to ensure your safety and comfort as an utmost concern in-flight. It also would give insight to passengers on items we may have on board but may have certain restrictions and consequences of items to give.

You may probably have noticed some of the items used in flight or as part of service. But are you aware that there may be a few other things that you can ask?

As a cabin crew, it is always our pleasure to address needs and concerns. You may call on any cabin crew on a few extra items that you may need to enjoy your flight with us. However not all items may be available or found on board. This could be reasons of the type of airline, adhering to airline standards and also listed items under acceptable goods in flight.

Whether you’re riding a low cost airline or an international carrier. Flying business class or coach economy, most items may not be found on all flights but we make sure to give you options.

Often times passengers, choose to bring home items from the plane. As long as it’s not an emergency equipment, it’s always better to ask your cabin crew or leave it. We don’t want passengers to get into trouble!

I took the initiative to interview and ask some friends from the crew industry to help our passengers well informed about things they can ask from cabin crew. Please direct your attention to the items listed below.

Here are a few items that are typically found in flight and that you can ask from you cabin crew that you never knew you can request:

1. Earplugs

Sure the plane is your home in the sky. But don’t forget you’re sharing it with others as well. Most airlines provide, earplugs for ear comfort. Indeed this is a must need, if you’re having a hard time concentrating on sleep.

2. Sanitary Napkins

Sudden red season came early for you girls and you don’t have extra? We got your back! It’s a good thing your female cabin attendants can help you with that. Other toiletries such as tissue boxes and toilet papers may be given out but upon discretion.

3. Artificial Sugar

For those diabetic or have other purposes in need of artificial sugar (e.g Stieva, Splenda or Equal). We got you.

4. Drinks

Coffee, Tea or Water may be the common question asked by your cabin crew when it comes to drinks. But hey, we also got other choices like Decaffeinated Coffee. Most international airlines (especially in international flights) come prepared with other drinks available on board. A range of soft drinks, fruit juices, sparkling water, and even alcoholic beverages.

5. Condiments

Majority of airline food prepare meals on board to be fit for all kinds of taste buds. Others may find the food too bland, we got that covered for you. The main condiments that airlines typical have are salt & pepper. But if you’re flying business class, there are more choices offered like ketchup, hot sauce, balsamic vinaigrette and etc.

6. Airsickness Bags

This is an airline standard and is usually provided in seat pockets. Asking for more is no problem for us.

7. Souvenir Items


Passengers may have the option to take home a souvenir from the flights, but in other airlines some give it for free to lucky passengers. These may be in a form of a gift requested on a special event celebrated in-flight, others give it in form of special activities such as having games on board. Some have complimentary gifts to children aboard that come in “jet setter packs”.

8. Duty Free Items

Talking about gifts, most airlines sell in-flight sales on board. You can also find souvenir items of the airline as well.
Most duty free items have strict regulations of purchase depending on the destination of the passenger. It’s better to review or be sure of airline regulations before getting to keen on your purchase.

9. Blankets

Most airlines carry blankets and could be properly arranged in your seat. But for other short haul or domestic flights, it can be requested depending on the limit and the provision of the airline. If blankets are not provided, cabin crew will make the most of what we have like adjusting the cabin temperature. Travel tip, it’s always better to bring a scarf, jacket or even your own blanket in flight.

10. Medicines

Airlines do carry medicines on board. But these are only given provided that there is a medical practitioner willing to authorize the use of the medicine. Which explains why most cabin crew would recommend other alternatives to counter a medical concern.

11. Extension Seat belts

This is an airline exemption and requirement. It is the right of passengers to ask for extension seat belts when needed.

12. Infant Needs

As I mentioned the plane is made to ensure it covers passengers as a whole, including items for children. You can request for baby bassinets, baby belts and even baby seats given is the airline provides this and complies with airline regulations. Some lavatories in flight are equipped with a baby changing station.

13. Snacks

Sure it’s a long flight, and traveling in different time zones will affect eating patterns. Treats such as peanuts, sandwiches, chips, fruits, chocolates and etc may be given or requested at any time of the flight duration.

14. Travel Itineraries

Of course! Part of being a cabin crew are the travel perks and the sights visited and toured. Your cabin crew might be knowledgeable and give insights about their travel experience. Tips, advices and question about your point of destination is welcome to be asked and happily answered.

15. Special Meals

If you have food restrictions, allergies, or following a special diet plan all of this can be solved by requesting a special meal prior the flight. Airlines usually require passengers to request meals 48 hours before the flight. This will give enough time for airline catering to prepare.


Would there be anything else?

Prepared by:

Miss Kalibutan