Dear World,

I just want to let you know.

On this day, I was the happiest.

I was reunited with the excitement of the waves and the momentum of the adventure that was starting. I remembered how it rained hard. It took the afternoon to lose our minds and go surfing to brave the raging waves. The rest of the day spent enjoying “happy hour” while bursting laughter and tears on everything achieved so far.
This is for the months of hiatus and that I found my pleasured distraction through writing. Because there is no better composition and story that is written from the heart.
This is for the time I gave and that I’m back, happier and stronger. I don’t know for how long I’ll continue to feel this way, but I wish for it to happen permanently soon again. How I convinced myself that time was all I needed to understand the situation.
This is for a while I couldn’t understand what was happening to my Kalibutan. The process continued to struck me more with every setting and rising sun. I attempted to fully understood the gravity of the situation, and yet I’m still here.
This is for being so proud of myself, that I faced the battle of devastation. And I’m actually quite proud of myself I made it through. That even my Kalibutan knew exactly what I felt, I never gave up on myself. The fight still isn’t over.
This is for discovering that giving your best is okay, if you know who and what its worth. That no matter what I did, or what happened, there is a reason for everything. That at this point, I have fully understood what it feels like to actually reach this moment, and be fulfilled with it.
This is for the people who stood up for me, and believed in me. I’m no longer in denial of feelings, because I actually knew what it felt to give my best. To those who continue to pursue me with the advice of “Trust the Process”. I still am.
This is for the past, that loving and hating was part of the process and facing it was difficult. In the hopes that even though we had nothing to let go in the present, we’d still continue to remember how we made each other happy.

This is for the future, in hopes that we will look back at our past lives and develop a sense of trying to work things out, together again or through separate ways. 

Now that I’ve come out of my shell, I don’t need anything else but the grace and guidance of my God. Because I know everything will fall into place with the right time. I may not figured out everything yet, but I’m positive that there will be blessings and chances of love to come around again.

Miss Kalibutan