What better way to motivate ourselves to pursue our goals? In this world untold, many have dreams that are steered away or shifted. But others continue to pursue with the grit and passion to make a difference – through music.

For this month’s Humble Hustlers, we took the time to create awareness by introducing a start up band that synchronizes playing symphonies and fostering friendship.

Rocking the way, and bringing ‘pop-punk’ back into the mainstream, We.Hrvst Manila made its way to discover the juvenile band ‘States and Minds.’

States and Minds, a revival of performers who share the same the vibe of creating a passion for music. Despite the many genres and alternatives that the mainstream bands play, what makes this band unique is their goal to restore and preserve playing pop punk.

The band is composed of 5 members namely Kevin Pangan (vocals), Cean Balasan (bass), Mat Pareja (lead guitarist), Nathan Bustillos (rhythm guitarist) and Garet Hernando (drums). These young, talented and ambitious individuals came together and conspired to perform music of their ‘soul’, with the goal to share it to the world.

It started with a trio member band with Garet, Mat and Kevin starting as friends and got together by jamming at a convenience store. They saw how there could be more potential in creating pop-punk and sought “the need for more music individuals who share the same interest”. They were joined with Nathan and finally Cean to be the last member to be recruited. Thus, began the birth of States and Mind‘s legacy.

They garnered inspiration from other pop punk bands mentioning that New Found Glory, All Time Low, State Champs, Necktape, Starting Lie were some bands that they idolized.

The band members admit that they have gained inspiration from former bands in the past and present. Two local indie bands were brought up. Snakefight, and Not So Fast w\

Currently, the band has composed over 5 ofiginal songs. Aside from their own songs, they have also covered some songs from their idols, such as All Time Low’s ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In, Weightless, The Party Song” and State Champ’s “ Secrets” and “Simple Existence”.

States and Minds began on humble beginnings. These young talents placed their lives into music. Having common interests in forming a band, they all started appreciating and learning during their childhood. Either getting inspiration from family members or joining music organizations. They fully maximized their talents by pursuing to play balancing music, academics and work.

All members have gained experience coming from other bands, these were the trials that each band member had to go through, but it’s the process and way of life for another great start. That is what each member felt after coping up the loss and separation from other bands that challenged them to form another great beginning.

Inspired by the passion that these members place themselves in, We.Hrvst sought the initiative to chat with the members and get to know their story of their thoughts, challenges and goals for the band.

Garet is one of the most talented and also one of the primary reason of the formation of the band. He found interest in music at the age 11 with his father’s influence to play different instruments like the piano and guitar. He started as a performer in rapping and beat boxing. One unique thing about him is his keen sense of hearing that maximizes his potential of learning a song. He desires to keep the band in tact and create awareness of the band’s ability. In the long run, he sees the future of States and Minds becoming a pop-punk environment and boosting awareness in today’s music industry.

Mat being the lead guitarist and one of the founding members as well has more to give than just playing the guitar. He plays with the symphonies of songs being the lead guitarist of the band. The influence of his peers urged him to appreciate music by playing the guitar and piano at church services. He wants to do things differently, and he feels it when he’s playing in a band and he continues to pursue being different by producing and playing for pop-punk music.

Kevin is the voice of the band and is also a founding member of States and Minds. He has been singing since 9 years old with his sister to inspire him. Family has been the sole inspiration and great influence for him when it comes to music. According to Kevin music “has always been his career and life”. He dreamt of becoming a recording artist and also a successful performer excelling his talent in singing and dancing. He found his comfort singing for the band to express himself and bind the friendship and strength among members.

Cean’s participation in the band contributes greatly to the welfare of the other members through rhythm. He started playing at 12 years old and has gained inspiration to play by listening to songs of the folk band “Asin”. Aside from the band, family has been part of this inspiration, with his cousin to guide him. Although Cean was the last member to be recruited, it has been a challenge for him especially the interaction among members. Nevertheless, he sought States and Minds having a future for pop-punk and also a bonding with members who share the same interest and taste for music.

Nathan’s enthusiasm and involvement in the band produces more soul and talent. He is also one of the rhythm guitarist for the band. He started playing the drums first then eventually found his love for guitar. His passion blends well with the band because of his interest in metal, post hard core and pop punk and believes that there is more to the noise that what other people think. Some of the bands that he idolizes are Slap Shock and Greyhound. What fuels him to play is discovering the underground music scene, and making it known. Despite his involvement with other bands, his keen interest and vision for the band still makes him jive with the genre and participate actively with the band’s goal to become famous in the pop punk industry.

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