Dear World,

Insignificant. That is what I felt.

You love me,

You hurt me,

What better way to feel unwanted or undecided

Someone’s first love twisted into a question of fate

It’s the mad cycle,again.

The loop that doesn’t stop.

The wheel that keeps spinning, even though we pricked and fell again

There was so much love to begin, but more love overflowing as we drew to the end

You tell me you love me but you only say it, not show it.

Until when can we probably find our peace to end this madness?

It’s killing and it’s hurting.

Painfully, the past has been forgotten.

We had to pave a different future for us.

Supposing, it would have been for us.

The world presents different ideas and versions of loving.

Sadly, in the end ladies. Not all gentlemen are real ones.

Some choose to place pride over matter or prove maturity but hold back fear.

Let me tell you something dear world, and believe it or not I am making it through this.

I have invested time, tears and patience in a way it did not sound back to me.

It left me, puzzled and confused about what the world had to offer.

Grief and acceptance were part of the process and yet have we really made it through?

We’re reaching out to our lives in a way I hoped that we weren’t looking for a different one with others.

But a different approach for us to work things out.

I prayed and still continued to accept that even without expectations.

The truth of loving you but leaving still hurts,

I chose to avoid hurting myself even more.

To a time where I felt and seen it.

I don’t know what I want my heart to feel.

But in the end what kept me going?

It’s resistance of being able to feel I have all the love I had to offer for you and for myself.


Remember dear world that I may be around, travel places see and meet people. But your love made me feel that you still give me the world.

Miss Kalibutan