“And there was light”…

Kalibutan talks about travel and its purpose. It takes the vernacular of “the world.” A  Filipino-Visayan word, from where I proudly hail.

Now why precisely do I want to talk about an obviously vague topic? Scroll down for more.

We can only tell much about the world. Each comprising of stories to seek and share. Allow me to fill your mind with a journey of the world, that is definitely worth appreciating.

Now, my stories revolve on two grounds.

The World We See & The World Untold

The World We See


Photo courtesy: Google

I can show you the world”


Hobbiton Set, New Zealand


Tumalog Falls, Cebu City

It is shining, shimmering and splendid! I write about my travels & adventures. You might be searching for that ultimate vacation, the enticing places you saw through pictures and videos online or that perfect avenue to zone out from a stressful life. The mood I bring will tag you along to give you a positive view about why these destinations are worth visiting.

The World Untold


Philippine National Animal: The Carabao (Water Buffalo)

“I can tell you the truth about the world”


Today’s morning grind

I love to connect with people and culture, and I will help you appreciate both more by my stories.  You can seek here to grasp a strong understanding with the pressing reality of the world by being well-informed with current events & social issues. Apart from this, I advocate to share stories of organizations that have contributed time and resilience, for the benefit of this changing world.


We all live in the moment


 1. Travel Itineraries


Map of Incheon, South Korea

For every story I write, I draft a list of recommended itineraries that you may or may not opt to use in your choice of voyage. I have a network of references for you to choose, a number of places bound to be explored. You name it!

In short, I can be your online travel planner. Enchanté

2.  Getting up to date with Social Issues


Delegate at the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility

I will unfold stories of the reality of the world we live in. Issues that we see on the news and read online. I sought the need to let people actually know what is really happening to the world in this current state.

In short, I can give opinions & reactions of trending social issues voiced out in a blog.

3. Inspiration to Reach Out


I will share stories of  people in need like agencies & organizations that have advocated to contribute for the benefit of a changing world.

In short, I can get you to do something FOR the world.


A Street Sign at London, United Kingdom


Picadilly Circus, London

The world we live in is not limited to the places we go, or things we see or do. There is so much more to express in writing, and I will be eternally grateful to be sharing my world with you.

Thank you reader for making it this far. I guarantee that each chapter will unfold the very sense of what this article aims to prove and to show the real essence of what Kalibutan really means.


Introducing Miss Kalibutan

Welcome dear kindred traveller,

Miss Kalibutan